BOOKS: Photography
Vanishing Africa
Gianni Giansanti

This book celebrates the eternal beauty and mystery of Africa by showcasing its remotest regions and most obscure inhabitants. Here are fascinating peoples that have remained isolated for centuries, retaining their ancient cultures and customs intact to the present day.By means of his camera and his pen, in this book the authors have encapsulated long years of study of the peoples and ethnic groups of this continent, in search of vanishing Africa. Also available in Spanish under the title: Lejana Africa.

Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley
Hans Silvester

The first volume of this deluxe two-volume set presents the everyday lives of the Omo people, their rituals, parades, children's games, and even their battles. In the second volume, each photograph becomes a masterpiece of abstract art, revealing close-ups of the tribes' traditional body paintings. Silvester's accompanying text traces his journey to the Horn of Africa, revealing the fascinating beauty of a world now in danger of extinction.

Faces of Africa
Carol Beckwith

Rather than view African cultures as an indistinguishable whole, seasoned photographers Beckwith and Fisher carefully focus on the varied life journeys and rituals of the peoples they have encountered over three decades of travel in 36 countries. From Ethiopia to Senegal to Namibia, they crisscross the continent to capture traditional rites of passage.

Tribes of the Great Rift Valley
Elizabeth L. Gilbert

Tribes of the Great Rift Valley is a celebration of the traditional peoples who occupy the lands of the Great Rift Valley, from the Gulf of Aden off the coast of Eritrea, across the Ethiopian highlands, and down to the great lakes and plains of Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi. Here are the proud, majestic warriors of the Maasai and Samburu, the Mursi with their jutting lip-plates, the guinea-fowl-painted faces of the Karo, among many other tribes.

African Ark: People and Ancient Cultures of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher and Graham Hancock

Two talented photographers focus on the Horn of Africa–an "ark" that shelters an astonishing variety of landscapes and human societies. Starting with the Christian Amharas of Lalibela and Axum and the Falashas of Lake Tana, they complete an arc that takes them to the seacoast of Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia, as far south as Lamu in Kenya, and finally to the remote peoples of the Southeast who still engage in stick fighting, body painting, scarification and the wearing of lip plates.

African Trees: A Photographic Exploration
Charles Bryant and Brita Lomba

The book takes the reader on a journey to a range of habitats – from the savannah of the Serengeti and the bushveld of Mpumalanga to riverine forests, woodlands and other fragile ecosystems in the game reserves and national parks of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya. Seventeen pristine destinations are covered in all.

Ethiopia Photographed: Historic Photographs of the Country and its People taken between 1867 and 1935
Richard Pankhurst and Denis Gerard

Ethiopia Photographed is a unique photographic record of this mysterious and fascinating land up to the Italian Fascist invasion in 1936. The people, terrain, buildings, and rulers of Ethiopia — such as Emperor Menelik, Lej Iyasu, and Emperor Haile Selassie — make it a highly photogenic country, as this lavishly illustrated book reveals. The book begins with an introduction which gives a brief history of the country in this period, and describes the role of photography. The rich captured images in the book bear witness to many personalities and places not previously seen and, in many cases, now lost for all time but for the photographic memories recorded here, grouped around the following themes: Historic Personalities; Historic Towns; Addis Ababa; Economic, Social, and Cultural Life; Innovation and Modernization; and Preparing to Resist the Impending Invasion.

Bless Ethiopia
Richard Pankhurst and Kazuyoshi Nomachi

From the beauty of Labilela's rock churches to the traditional ceremonies of the people of the Omo Valley, this book reveals the hidden face of this striking, mysterious land. Photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi captures the unique mosaic of Ethiopia as it was meant to be experienced, from the traditions of an ancient people to the daily chores of survival.