BOOKS: Amharic
Colloquial Amharic
David Appleyard
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Colloquial Amharic is easy to use and completely up to date. Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Amharic. No prior knowledge of the language is required.

Amharic Basic Course
Foreign Service Institute
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This is one of the courses produced for US Foreign Service personnel based on courses produced during World War II by the American Council of Learned Societies when the US needed materials that would teach languages to soldiers fast.

Amharic the EZ Way and Amharic 101 to 104
Shining Star Multimedia

Amharic the EZ way is a stand alone program that will teach you over two thousand important and often used Amharic phrases and words. It is a very simple and straight to the point program. While Amharic 101 to 104 will teach you Amharic in great detail and depth. It assumes no prior knowledge of the Amharic language and it is suitable for all ages. It will teach you the alphabet, vocabulary, reading and grammar and there is also an additional workbook that teaches how to write in Feedel.

Let's Speak Amharic

As the title indicates, the text invites students from the very beginning to communicate meaningfully in Amharic and at the same time understand better the daily life and attitudes of Amharic-speaking people. Students, who complete this book will master the basic vocabulary, functions, and structures of the Amharic language. There is companion audio CD for the book. Mail order only.

Amharic for Foreign beginners
Alem Eshetu

This is a situation-based text for beginners. It starts with a brief introduction about the Amharic language. This is followed by Amharic characters. Each unit is organized as follows: dialogue, expressions and vocabulary items, grammar, exercises, and cultural considerations. The dialogues focus on different everyday situations. Then the expressions and vocabulary items relating to the situations are presented. The grammar sections discuss the basic grammatical aspects of the language and present various examples.

Amharic Ethiopian Script: Lakech One
Zewditu Fesseha

Amharic is a Semitic language that has been used for centuries. Ethiopia is one of the oldest nation in the world and its Alphabe is used for documenting the old Ethiopian civilization. The Laqech-one Amharic script helps all those who are interested in learning Amharic.

Talk Now! Learn Amharic
Euro Talk Interactive
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Designed for newcomers to the language, Talk Now! is a method to access a wealth of comprehensive fundamental vocabulary and accurate pronunciation in one user-friendly plan packed with useful words, a picture dictionary, and quizzes. Anyone over 10 years of age will find the program indispensable for improving listening, understanding and spoken language skills. Very basic, for beginners only.

Lonely Planet Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook
Tilahun Kebede
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Useful phrasebook for those with no previous knowledge of the language. It is intended for foreign travelers to Ethiopia and not for Ethiopians who live abroad. The book is pedagogically constructed and you can quickly find what you're looking for. As a tourist you get a good insight of the country culture and social behavior.

Simple Amharic for Adoptive Families (Book + CD)
Amy Kendall
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Created by an adoptive mom in the great hope of helping adoptive families connect with the new child in their lives. The book contains approximately 250 translated words and phrases that are recommended most by families who have previously adopted internationally. In addition to the translations, the words and phrases are written in an easy to follow phonetic form. Professionally recorded CDs accompany each book so that families can hear and practice the new language before they welcome their child home.

Learn the Amharic Alphabet!
Nigat Tadesse

The book has pictures giving you the ability to color and to tear and share pages. You will also have the ability to practice writing Amharic alphabet plus word exercises. Amharic pronunciations are included in the book in English. The educational workbook includes all the essential skills such as reading, writing and fine motor skills.

Amharic Feedel (iPhone app)
Spindle Studios

This is a handy reference to the Amharic Alphabet/Feedel with audio recording of each feedel's pronunciation that can be played just by clicking the feedel.This is the perfect app for Ethiopian's living in diaspora or foreign tourist looking to visit Ethiopia and want to become familiar with the Amharic Alphabet. Do you have kids and want them to learn the Amharic Alphabet and want them to hear the proper pronunciation of each feedel. In four colorful pages all the Amharic Alphabet is presented with its proper pronunciation. Just click the feedel to hear its proper pronunciation. Scroll down or up to go to the next page. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.

Our first Amharic words
Stacy Bellward

Our First Amharic Words has 75 Amharic words transliterated for easy pronunciation. Each word label includes the transliteration, English and Amharic language script called "Fidel".

Ge'ez Activity Book
Adda Tewolde

Ge'ez Fidel is used as the writing system for key languages in Eritrea and Ethiopia including Amharic. This book is intended to be an activity book for anyone learning how to read and write fidel.

Abgd Ethiopian Alphabet : Amharic-English for Beginners
Gebregeorgis Yohannes and Robert Gutierrez

A book of pictures with the name of the object in both English and Amharic. Includes phonetic pronunciation of Amharic words. Useful for beginners in the language.

MY-Amharic CD
MY-Media Engineering & Trading Plc.

MyAmharic is designed to make learning fun for children. In addition to children, adults may found this software helpful as a starting point to learn the Amharic language

CRE - Amharic from English
Dr. Bob Boland

Practice of basic Amharic with creative learning exercise and a 30 minute audio, in about a day. A free text Download.

Ethiopic, an African Writing System: Its History and Principles
Ayele Bekerie

This is a book about the history and principles of Ethiopic (Ge'ez), an African writing system designed as a meaningful and graphic representation of a wide array of knowledge, including languages. In this study, Ayele Bekerie argues that Ethiopic is a component of the African knowledge systems and one of the major contributions made by Africans to world history and cultures.

Concise Amharic Dictionary
Wolf Leslau

Students of Amharic as well as visitors to Ethiopia and foreign workers will benefit from this concise dictionary with phonetic transcriptions that allow for its use by those unfamiliar with Amharic script.

Advanced Amharic Lexicon: A Supplement to Concise Amharic-English Dictionaries
Girma Getahun

An Amharic to English supplement for current dictionaries, providing the advanced student of Amharic with entries for rare, archaic and idiomatic expressions.

Afrikan Alphabets: The Story of Writing in Africa
Saki Mafundikwa

Afrikan alphabets have a rich cultural and artistic history and many continue to be in current use today. African Alphabets presents a wealth of highly graphical and attractive illustrations. Writing systems across the Afrikan continent and the Diaspora are included, analyzed and illustrated: the scripts of the West Africans - Mende, Vai, Nsibidi, Bamum and the Somali, and Ethiopian scripts. Other alphabets, syllabaries, paintings, pictographs, ideographs, and symbols are compared and contrasted.

Language and National Identity in Africa
Andrew Simpson

Simpson gathered an inspiring and diverse set of chapters on language and national identity in selected African countries. These impressive sixteen chapters, written by leading scholars, vary in style and coverage. However, they are unified by a sociolinguistic and ethnographic focus on politics and identity in pre- and post-colonial Africa. The papers are of exceptional quality and their depth of descriptions represents a copious body of knowledge that exemplifies the extent to which communities are (dis)interested in the elevation of indigenous languages of a national offical language.

A Linguistic Geography of Africa
Bernd Heine and Derek Nurse

More than forty years ago it was demonstrated that the African continent can be divided into four distinct language families. Research on African languages has accordingly been preoccupied with reconstructing and understanding similarities across these families. This has meant that an interest in other kinds of linguistic relationship, such as whether structural similarities and dissimilarities among African languages are the result of contact between these languages, has never been the subject of major research. This book shows that such similarities across African languages are more common than is widely believed. It provides a broad perspective on Africa as a linguistic area, as well as an analysis of specific linguistic regions.

Meet Ethiopic Alphabets on DVD
Faith Hope & Love Ethiopia

The DVD is fully animated and it teaches: Complete Ethiopian Alphabets, Ethiopian Numbers, Alphabet Words, Reading (stories), Body parts, Nursery rhymes and more.