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When the World Began 

"Teret teret
Yeh lam beret"*

This post is a follow up to the one about Ethiopian folktales. I forgot to mention something important on that post and a reader’s question reminded me of that.
After completing the story collecting project, Elizabeth Laird selected some of them and wrote a book specially for children titled When the World Began. Stories collected in Ethiopia.
She included 21 stories, which were then beautifully illustrated by four different artists. Unfortunately this book is out of print, but at least in the US you can find it in most public libraries around the country, mine has a copy of it. You can also buy it used at Amazon.com for as little as a couple of dollars or as much as $100!!
I think it’s a great alternative to the classic fables of Aesop or the fairy tales of Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, specially if you are the parent of an Ethiopian child.
Stories that come from the African continent are not as well known in the western world as those that come from Europe. Africa and Ethiopia in particular have a rich collection of tales that are even older than the ones we are used to hear. Many of them were created at the beginning of humankind to explain the world that surrounded the first humans and also as an entertainment. In fact, I think that European folktales are inspired by the stories told in Africa and Asia.
Elizabeth Laird also wrote other books for children based on stories she learned in Ethiopia, but I will write about that in a future post.
BTW, I’m also working in making the List page more user friendly. I’ve been meaning to add more books, music, and films to it, but as it is right now it’s impossible, so I’m working on improving navigation.

*The Ethiopian “Once upon a time” said before any story telling begins.