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Dylan sign
Feromsa sign
Feven sign

A while ago I prepared some painted wooden letters with the names of the children in Latin characters that I hanged on the walls of their bedrooms. They look pretty good but I also wanted to do the same with Amharic characters, but obviously I can’t buy those at the craft store.
So I decided to make them myself with wood and a scroll saw.
This time I wanted to try not paint, but decorating the letters with paper in one of the many designs that exist in scrapbook papers.There are so many that is hard to make a choice, so I picked the classic plaid design. You can also decorate them with some other design like flowers, textures, hand made paper, or even fabric, felt, foam, etc.

First I cut the letters designed in a modern looking font (that were easy to cut) in wood and chose the design of the paper. Amharic wooden lettersLetters and plaid paper
After that, I painted the border and back of the letters with acrylic paint a tone darker than the paper.
It’s not necessary to be very neat since we will cover the front with the paper.
 Acrilic paint 
Painting borders
Then I applied glue on the letters and glued them onto the back side of the paper.
Once the glue is dry, I cut the paper carefully with an Exacto knife
Letters glued to paper
I applied matte varnish to the letters to protect them and so the paper can’t get ripped or dirty, and also so that they will be easy to clean once the varnish is dry. Acrilic Varnish 
Once they were dry, I stuck them on the wall with mounting tape.

And, Voila!

Feven in Amharic
The letters ready
Feven’s crib

I repeated the same process with the Amharic letters for Dylan and Feromsa.