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Black VenusThis short post is only to make an update on a story I wrote about a few months ago.
A film by French-Tunisian film director Abdellatif Kechiche about the life of Sara Baartman will be played at the New York Film Festival on October 7th and 9th.
The film is titled Venus Noire (Black Venus) and it’s a work of fiction based on the life of Sara. The film has been already shown at the 67th Venice International Film Festival on September 8th of this year with mixed reviews. It seems that it will reach movie theaters on October 27th, at least in Europe, but I’m not sure if it will be ever released in the US. It looks like is a pretty shocking film and probably not for the big audiences and I wonder if this movie is really a work of art or just another chapter in the exploitation of Sara. Here are a couple of reviews from The Hollywood Reporter and Time Out London.
Also here is the link to a 1999 documentary film about Sara Baartman.

About Henrietta, even when it’s not quite an update, I wanted to mention something anyway. I was listening to Radiolab on NPR while driving. It was a program about tumors, and I caught an audio clip of an interview with Rebecca Skloot that moved me deeply, specially the last part where the daughter of Henrietta speaks on tape. How after so many years she finally could “meet” with her mother and find some peace in her life.