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Since we don’t have much time until we travel, I decided to make a list of things to take to Ethiopia. I guess it could be useful to parents who will be traveling soon, so I made it available for anyone to download. It can be printed out and checked while you get your things ready.
It is probably incomplete so if anyone has more ideas or more experience in these kind of trips, your suggestions are welcome and I can add them to the list.
I included a few categories: Basics, Clothing, Personal, Things for Children, Extras, Useful Things and things to do before traveling.

Some of the things on the list can be discarded according to the necessities and the activities you plan to do once there and I also left some empty spaces so you can personalize it.
English Version: .pdf (29KB)  Adobe Acrobat Reader or .xlr (25KB) (Microsoft Works spreadsheet)
Spanish Version: .pdf (29KB) Adobe Acrobat Reader or .xlr (25KB) (Microsoft Works spreadsheet)

I also Found this little book that has the basics of how to take care of yourself to stay healthy during the trip:


Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa, and Latin America by Dirk G. Schroeder