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You still have a chance to catch the movie Town of Runners at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is being featured online and you only need to create an account to watch it for free.
I’ve just finished watching it and I loved it! It’s very well made and captures perfectly the atmosphere of a rural town in Ethiopia.
Bekoji is a village in the Oromia region of Ethiopia where working the land is the principal way to earn a living. But the young people of this town have other dreams, they want to succeed as runners.
The movie tells the story of two young girls, Alemi and Hawii, and their efforts and struggles to fulfill their dream.
Town of RunnersTown of Runners
The film captures quite well the life in this town, how its people think and work and how things are changing there and in many other parts of Ethiopia. The new roads that are being built by Chinese entrepreneurs and the cellphone towers are improving communication and transportation, but how much of that will benefit the working farmers is still something hard to predict.
The photography is stunning and I think a lot has to do with the landscape being gorgeous. A land where colors and textures are highlighted by the strong sun.
Simply beautiful!
One thing that I appreciated a lot in this film is that the residents of the town are the ones telling their story and not someone asking questions and pushing for answers.
I highly recommend this movie.
Don’t miss this chance, go to the Tribeca Film Festival site and follow the link to the Online Festival, create an account and then enjoy the movie!
There are also other films online you can watch at the Festival, including a few short films (I loved the CatCam short!).
If you live in the UK, Town of Runners is currently being shown at different cinemas in that country and it’s also being screened at different film festivals.
You can visit the Town of Runners web site for more information about the film.

Town of Runners trailer