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I still have so many things to write about my trip in January to Ethiopia, but now I have to leave all that for later.
Finally, we are reaching the end of this adoption journey and I need to get back to Addis for an interview at the US embassy and of course, to pick up my new daughter!
I’m leaving tomorrow (that also happens to be my birthday) and will stay for about a week to finish all the paperwork in Ethiopia.
I would love to be able to go to other places beyond the capital, but this time it won’t be possible since I want to be with my daughter.
I’m taking my youngest daughter Feven with me; it’s the first time she gets back to her country since we adopted her.
I’m anxious to see how us three girls get along. I don’t think we will venture too far from the guest house this time, everything is so new for my oldest daughter…
One thing I do plan on doing though, is to go shopping for some fabric, I’ve read that there is a textile market in Shiro Meda. I am also looking for a book about Ethiopian ethnic groups and their traditions, but so far I haven’t found anything…
Other than that we’ll just stay together preparing for the REALLY LONG flight home.
So for the next few days I won’t be writing in this blog. I’m sure I will have so many interesting things to share when I get back.
See you later, then!