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Yes, we did it this time!
We passed court!
Third time’s the charm…
Finally the children are legally ours, so I can proudly introduce them to you.

Their first names are a gift from Ethiopia, and the middle and last names, our gift. Here are my beautiful children Feven Naomi Grinberg and Feromsa Gabriel Grinberg :

Feven Feromsa

Open letter to my Ethiopian children

“Beloved Feven and Feromsa:

I’m thankful you are in my life, but I want to say I’m sorry for so many things…

Sorry for being selfish and wanting you with all my heart. Sorry for taking you apart from your country, your culture, your ancestors and your history. Sorry that you I had to go through so much pain and so much loss.
Sorry for this cruel world that creates new orphans every minute.

But I also want to promise you many things.

That I will love, protect, feed and educate you. That you will be loved twice; by your biological parents that gave you life and by the ones that you will have from now on in this new land.

That I will never forget your roots and your culture and that I will to teach you love and respect for every human being.

That even when I haven’t gone through your loss, I will try to understand, support and help you in everything you need. I promise to be open to all your questions and wishes.
I promise to be with you in your happy and sad moments but also to give you your own space, personal and private when you ask for it.
I promise not to judge you but to try to be in your shoes to understand you better.

And I promise to let you grow free so you can fulfill your destinies.”