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My 4 children at the beach
I’ve been away from my blog for a while, but believe me, I have plenty of material to write!
A new child in the family is a matter that takes most of your time.
I get up early in the morning and stay up late every night trying to catch up with all the things I MUST do. No extra time for what I WANT to do.
To complicate things more, it’s vacation time, so all four children have nothing to do but play and be entertained, and guess who’s the entertainer? Yeah, me…
And of course they are particularly fond of amusing themselves by fighting with each other.
My new girl has no clue about almost anything, EVERYTHING is new to her, and honestly EVERYTHING about her is new to me and to the other members of the family. Her presence is stirring up the balance of the household and the kids are trying to find their places in this new configuration.
Without wanting it, I have created the terrible “virtual twin” effect so dreaded in the adoption community, and in our case it is actually the “virtual triplets” since three of my children are very close in age.
I believe though that in a few months the dust will settle and we will arrive to a new balance…at least until the three hit adolescence…
My girl has discovered such amazing things as ice cream, automatic doors, air conditioning, escalators, etc., and certain things have taken her breath away, like for example, the ocean: “Oh, mama, SO beautiful!!”
Can you imagine her face?

And I have discovered so many things about her, specially details about her past.
Because older children KNOW.
They remember everything, which sometimes is scary.
And sometimes is a relief.
She has an amazing memory… and also a very active imagination, and it’s hard to tell one from the other.

Boy, I wish I could speak Amharic…