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Maybe you’ve already heard about this movie, but just in case I wanted to let everybody know that next Friday September 18th is the U.S. premiere of Teza in Washington D.C.
Teza is an Ethiopian movie directed by Haile Gerima that tells the story of an Ethiopian doctor that after studying in Germany returns to his native country.
Teza is about memory, emigration, culture and compromise and I’m sure it will appeal not only to Ethiopians but also to many people like me who left their birth country.
I haven’t seen the movie yet, and I don’t know if it will be shown in the rest of the U.S. or even in Europe.
All I know is that it has been shown in Ethiopia and also that it will be in the Washington D.C. area for the rest of September and the month of October. You can buy tickets online at the Avalon Theater website.
Here is the trailer: