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How cool would it be to enter a painting supply store and ask for a can of paint of you own skin color?
The French artist Pierre David had a deeper thought behind that idea, and created an exposition called Nuancier (Swatches) in which he took photographs of the employees of the Modern Art Museum in Bahia, Brazil and then made a color chart with those pictures. After that he sent the pictures to an industrial manufacturer to make cans of paint, one for each person photographed, representing all the skin colors in the chart. The idea behind this project was to make a statement against racism, what it means to be reduced just to the color of our skin.

”Swatches – the title of the installation of French artist Pierre David - is the testimony to the erasing of individuality of the citizen due to globalization. It captures the annihilation of the individual in mass society, which produces loss of self-identity and refuses each person, both socially and individually, of his being, depriving him of a voice and a face able to identify him.”  said about the exhibition Solange Farkas, Director of the Modern Art Museum of Salvador of Bahia, Brazil.

Nuancier Nuancier

This kind of project is perfect for a country like Brazil, that has such an unique mix of cultures and races.
Personally I think this exposition also has a positive aspect, you can see it as a celebration of our diversity, our colors all gathered together in a color swatch.
Besides, it’s not such a bad idea to paint the wall with our skin color…
Below, my version in digital paint of Dylan and Feromsa:

Dylan's wall color Feromsa's wall color


Pierre David, Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia (in Portuguese)
Pierre David website (in French)