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Continuing with my Ethiopian dolls project, I’ve been working on mother and child dolls, most of them simple designs. I want them to be soft enough for a young child to play with.
This one, for example, is made in white soft fabric. The mother hugs the little baby with her fabric arms that stay together with Velcro. It is one of Feven’s favorites:

Mother and Child Doll

Mother and Child Doll
I’m making another in which the baby will go into a front pocket just as a kangaroo baby will be carried by his mother.
Oh, and I‘m also thinking about an Ethiopian version of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, I want them to look a bit similar to an Ethiopian painting in which Mary is riding a donkey. What more appropriate than that for next Christmas!
But I still don’t have them completely figured out.

From the book "The Road to Bethelem"From the book "The Road to Bethelem"