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Robel TeklemariamEthiopia is well known for its runners, but did you know that they also have Olympic skiers? Even when there is no snow in Ethiopia, and nowhere to practice any kind of winter sport, a smart athlete figured out how to train and compete.
His name is Robel Teklemariam and he’s the only pro-skier from Ethiopia. He has lived in the US since he was 9 years old and contrary to what I wrote about other athletes living in America, he competes under the Ethiopian nationality.
According to himself, he doesn’t think he has a chance to win any medal in the current Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, but he has a bigger goal: to open a door for other Ethiopian athletes to start practicing and competing in winter sports.
He is the founder of the Ethiopian National Skiing Federation and this is the second time he enters to compete in a Winter Olympics, so he is not only a dreamer but an achiever.
Ethiopian Olympic Team 
Since Ethiopians are really good runners, there is a great chance that they will do well in a sports like cross country ski. That’s why he hopes to attract the attention of Ethiopians living in colder climates who are willing to train in that sport and compete for that country.
He is passionate about ski and about Ethiopia.

Ethiopian National Skiing Federation