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Where do I come from?
A book about Ethiopia by Alicia Grinberg
English/Spanish/Amharic version.


For sale on Amazon USA, CreateSpace, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain.

Da dove vengo? 
Un libro sull’Etiopia - Alicia Grinberg
Versione in Italiano / Inglese  /Amarico in vendita su CreateSpace.com, Amazon Stati Uniti, Amazon Francia, Amazon Germania, Amazon Italia, Amazon Regno Unito, e Amazon Spain.

Da dove vengo?

D’où je viens?

Un livre sur l’Éthiopie - Alicia Grinberg
Version en Français / Anglais / Amharique en vente sur CreateSpace.com, Amazon États-UnisAmazon France,  Amazon Allemagne, Amazon Royaume-Uni, Amazon Italie, et Amazon Espagne.

D’où je viens?


For Sale on Etsy:
Ethiopian Mamitu Dolls
These dolls are handmade and can be customized, here some examples of different characters, hair styles, and accessories.


Here some examples:

Mamitu Dolls
Mamitu Dolls