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I’m still working on my Ethiopian dolls and trying new things like transforming more Barbie dolls. I usually go to my nearest thrift shop to look for cheap used dolls. I mostly find white Barbie dolls that are perfect to practice and transform in something unique. I wish there were more African American dolls…
Some of my Barbie dolls waiting for a makeover
Before traveling to Ethiopia in January, I wanted to take with me an Ethiopian Barbie doll to give as a gift to my daughter, but I never finished it in time, too many other things to prepare… So I just took her a regular store bought African American Barbie.
After returning from the trip, I finished my doll and this is the result:

Ethiopian Barbie V1.2
Ethiopian Barbie V1.2
Ethiopian Barbie V1.2 front
Ethiopian Barbie V1.2 back

It is still very similar to the first one, only that that this time I took more care with the dress and accessories.
I made her a netela, although I think I made it too large and the fabric I used is a bit stiff. I’m planning to buy some fabric in Ethiopia during my next trip that I can transform into more appropriate Ethiopian dresses.

Ethiopian Barbie V1.2 dress
I also made her some underwear and custom made sandals out of polymer clay and ribbon that she can wear with her Ethiopian outfit Winking smile.
The hair is just simple small braids.

Ethiopian Barbie V1.2 underwear
Ethiopian Barbie V1.2 underwear
Ethiopian Barbie V1.2 sandal

My next challenge: transform a white blonde Barbie into an African Barbie!