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We probably don’t associate African films with science fiction and less with a female director coming from that continent that makes science fiction films. 
But an African filmmaker has decided to tell a different African story, a story set in the future. How do you think Earth will be like in the future, and particularly how will Africa look like?
Pumzi answers those questions.
Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu made the short film Pumzi, that I had the chance to watch during the Cascade Festival of African Films. I loved it.
The film is set in the future, in a world without resources where the people that has survived WWIII is forced to live underground, safe from the scorching sun and radioactive contamination. The society and the living conditions are oppressive, with only a few “fortunate” working administrative jobs like Asha, the main character of the film. In this world, citizens are not even allowed to dream and are given pills to suppress any hint of dreaming.
And then there’s the water, or the lack of it. Everything revolves around the precious element. The source of life on this planet is so scarce that every citizen is only given a bottle a day from which they have to squeeze every single drop of water, and even more…
In this hot, sweaty, ominous world, there is a woman that still dreams. Asha dreams of trees and water and she is courageous enough to go against the authority and escape the underground prison-like city to pursue her dreams.
She escapes to the outside with a little seed, a few drops of water, but specially with herself. She will be the hope, the shelter, the shade for that little tree. She is the promise of a new world. And she’s an African woman.
The film doesn’t need special effects to make this future world believable and to make us end up thirsty; for water and for more.
The movie has so many interpretations and that is usually the sign that it’s a good one. My view of the film is that women represent the hope of this world, the promise of a change. Asha is a woman, and the future of a new generation if there is one; she is the MOTHER of humankind. Like Africa.


Intelligent, beautiful short film with gorgeous actress/model Kudzani Moswela. A gem.
If you have the chance watch the film, or at least the trailer. I hope director Wanuri Kahiu makes more films like this.