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When I started this blog more than a year ago my only goal was to document the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia.
At first I considered if it was a really good idea to expose my life so publicly, I even had the impulse to write under a pseudonym.
But then it came to light the subject of credibility. If you don’t put a name under your comments you better not write at all; it’s like not taking responsibility of your thoughts and ideas. Will everybody believe you then?
We all know that Internet is the perfect place to remain anonymous, but also the place to become a very public person, and in a great majority of cases, the perfect place to lie.
So even when I’m a rather private person, I decided to be true to my beliefs and be open about not only what I think, but also who I am.
And I think it was the right choice because when I read comments and emails that people send me, it’s nice to see that they trust my opinions even when some of them don’t agree. I’m an honest person and I want to keep being one and it’s something I try to teach my children too. I still believe that your word is one of the most important things you can have, called me old fashioned if you want…
I’ve seen many blogs where the writer doesn’t want to give away his/her identity, and I really don’t know why that is so important.
I mean, after all we are just ordinary people writing about our ordinary life, not about top secret missions and it can help others when your opinions are real and honest.
So, after starting the blog, the first month or so I really didn’t know what to write about, my life seemed so common, so normal.
But well, I gave it a try anyway..
And after the first two months, ideas started to pop up in my head, and I realized it was great  to be able to communicate with others about what I was living and thinking. Then came the subject of Ethiopia,  and I thought it was a good idea to share things I was learning about the country. And then when I started to get interested in Amharic… well, you already know what happened.
And now I’m at a point in which I have so many ideas, so many things to talk about that I don’t know how I will find the time (and in two languages!!!)
Yes, because things keep happening, not everyday, but every minute, but now I have three kids, hundreds of projects and almost no free time.
But I’m not going to stop, and that feels great!
I decided to set apart a time just for my blog and my projects apart from the rest of the activities and priorities, like a job, but a job I really enjoy doing.
About the future of the blog is first to finish the page with the Ethiopian names since so many people is reading it and then to keep posting about my “normal” life, things about Ethiopia and Amharic. I plan at some point to move all the contents to a dedicated site, when I have time to do it.
On the side I started writing a book about Amharic for people like me and another book about the experience of adopting and all the things that happen in our lives, and I hope also to illustrate that book.
I know I sound a little bit ambitious, but I hope my children will approve my decision once they have the age to understand all of this. I want them to feel good about themselves, to see what a great thing this has been for all of us, and how happy I am to have them in my life.
Probably they will find something to criticize me but… Hey! what’s more normal and healthy than that!
I hope that at least they turn out to be good critics  ;-)