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People of the Delta
My husband Miguel, who loves photography, sent me this information about a film project shot in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. The film is called People of the Delta and has already been fully funded through Kickstarter.
The film director, Joey L, a young and talented Canadian photographer, has visited Ethiopia many times through the years and has created extraordinary photographs from the people living in that country.
Contrary to what one might expect, the film is NOT a documentary, but a fiction story based on the lives of the Omo Valley residents and performed by them.
This is something that surprised me since it is not a common and easy task to carry and I hope that the result really fulfills the expectations of all involved.
Considering the difficulty and the professionalism of the people involved, the money spent is really low, which probably means that they have donated their salaries.
Here are some examples of the beautiful pictures Joey L. has taken, for more please visit his gallery.

Biwa Bermo, photograph by JoeyL.

Portrait of Igie, photograph by JoeyL.

Portrait of Mursi Man, photograph by JoeyL.

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Kickstarter Campaign for: "People of the Delta" Film Project from Joey L on Vimeo.