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Obelisco - Buenos Aires - Argentina
We have them!
Yes, finally we have the children’s passports and all our documents back and we are planning to spend a couple of weeks this summer in Argentina (winter there). It’s going to be quite a trip with the two of us, three kids, five suitcases and the carry-on luggage on tow for… well almost 24 hours. You won’t notice my absence since I’m planning to take my computer with me this time so I can blog from there. 
I visited the country three years ago, but that time I traveled just with Dylan, so now it’s going to be more “interesting”, to say the least.
We don’t expect to go far from Buenos Aires.
I will show the kids a real “big city”, go downtown, ride the subway, walk by the Rio de la Plata, the widest river in the world, and visit friends and family.
I’ve been contacting Afro Argentines and maybe, if time allows, will visit some African Cultural Center while there. Most African immigrants in the country come from West Africa, and so far I haven’t found any Ethiopian community there.
I’m really curious about how people will react to a transracial family…
Anyway, I hope we don’t have much rain down there, I want to take a break from the rainy spring we are suffering here in Portland. 
I plan to blog about our experiences.