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Pintkor crayons

I follow Brazilian artist Kiusam de Oliveira on Facebook, and she posted a link to an artist supply shop in Brazil that sells a pack of crayons to paint different skin tones.
I immediately searched if there was anything similar in the US and I found this in Amazon.com (Crayola doesn’t list them in its site):Multiculturalism according to Crayola
Multiculturalism according to Crayola 
Notice any difference?
Basically Crayola grab a bunch of its regular colors that already produce,  bundle them together and created a “multicultural” pack. There is a good article on Latino Rebels that discuss this product in detail.

This product clearly reflects how America understand diversity today.

On the opposite side, the Brazilian product offers a good understanding of skin hues and diversity. But of course it was created in a different context.
This simple pack of colors is part of an effort of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to overcome the prejudices and discriminatory attitudes of racism in education.

Again, let’s compare:

Brazil USA

Shame on you, Crayola!