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Besides the Amharic symbols, I will also write about other things like basic words and some grammar.
In today’s post I’m going to talk about numbers, which are one of the first things we learn when studying a new language, at least how to count from 1 to 10. Numbers in Amharic have their own characters and even when today the Arabic numbers are widely used in Ethiopia, the traditional notation is also used.  To start I’m going to list the numbers from 1 to 10 with their writing and pronunciation.

# Sign Pronunciation Feedel Transliteration
1 1 1.mp3 one. and
2 2 2.mp3 two hulätt
3 3.mp3 three sost
4 4.mp3 four aratt
5 5.mp3 five ammïst
6 6.mp3 six sïddïst
7 7.mp3  seven säbatt
8 8.mp3 eight sïmmïint
9 9.mp3 nine zät’äñ
10 10.mp3 ten assïir

The complete sequence from 1 to 10: numbres.mp3 (Sounds by FSI)

These are the signs for the following numbers:

# Sign Feedel Transliteration
20 twenty haya
30 thirty sälasa
40 forty arba
50 50 fifty // fifty-2 amsa // hamsa
60 60 sixty //  sixty-2 sïlsa // sïdsa
70 70 seventy säba
80 eighty sämanya
90 ninety zät’äna
100 hundred mäto
1.000   thousand //  thousand-2 ših // ši

To say 24 for example we must say "20-4" or "haya aratt" 204, 47 would be "40-7" or "arba säbatt" 407 and so on. In the numbers from 11 to 19 instead of saying "assïir" for the number ten, you say "asra" and the number from 1 to 9  that corrensponds, for example 10-3, "asra sost" for 13.
For the hundreds the process is similar, for example if we want to say 536, we will say "5-100-30-6", or "ammïst mäto sälasa sïddïst" 5100306 .
Finally if we want to say 1985, we’ll say "10-9-100-80-5" or "asra zät’äñ mäto sämanya ammïst" 109100805 .
Neither 1.000, nor 1.000.000 have symbols, so to write the number 8.593, we will say "8-ši-5-100-90-3" 8thousand-25100903.