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A while ago I wrote about a short film by Vicent Moon, Circus Debre Berhan that was part of a series about Ethiopia.
Now you can watch the whole series Now Ethiopia on Vimeo.
This is the list of films and the links:

A MORNING OVER DORZÉ vimeo.com/55351515
TILAHUN vimeo.com/55371955
ILLUMINATIONS vimeo.com/59705549
GAMOGAMO vimeo.com/55666688
HARARI ESHI ESHI vimeo.com/55449383
THE HARP OF KING DAVID vimeo.com/55435430
METAL MACHINE MERKATO vimeo.com/55425185
TEWAHEDO FASIKA vimeo.com/55013872
CIRCUS DEBRE BERHAN vimeo.com/45026857
YESETAN MENFES vimeo.com/60252764

Please watch them befere they go away.