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Mother’s Day is coming soon, and for this year I have a cool idea for a gift that I want to propose to you.
I’m sure that if you are a mother, your child is probably making you a handmade gift at school that will have more meaning and value than all the gifts he could buy you at a store.
But what can you give to your own mother? We are not children anymore and the days of making crooked coffee mugs, half painted picture frames, or paper jewelry for our mom are over, but we still want to show her how much we love her.
Instead of buying something expensive (or not so much) at a store we can show her our love and at the same time do something for the children of Ethiopia.
I’ll tell you how.
The people of Imagine1Day came up with the idea of sending a letter to your mother on Mother’s Day, but not any letter, a letter from Ethiopia.
This is how it is done:
Buy a piece of the new Abi Adi Grade 1-4 Primary School between April 18th and April 25th. By April 30th, you’ll receive a link with a personalized photo message (with your name on it) all the way from Ethiopia. Send it to your Mom on May 8th.
On May 8th, your mom will automatically receive an eCard from imagine1day, letting her know about the investment you made in her name.
Easy, right? And I’m sure your mother and the children of Ethiopia will appreciate that gift more than anything else! But hurry up, you have until April 25th to buy your gift.
As a plus, when that school is finished you and your mom will be able to see the pictures of the building and the smiling faces of the Ethiopian children enjoying your gift.
Go now to the Imagine1Day site to buy your mother’s day gift!