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It’s been a few weeks since I watched the movie Mother of George and I know it’s still around in some theaters. It was a limited release so maybe it will be easy to watch once the DVD is for sale, anyway, don’t miss it.
The movie is about Adenike , a young woman part of the immigrant Nigerian community living in US who’s about to get married. The films opens with a traditional Nigerian wedding that is a treat for the eyes. Women and men richly dressed celebrating the happiness of the couple Adenike and Ayodele.
They are just married, but the family already starts to put pressure on them to have a son for whom they already have a name, George.
It’s obvious that the couple love each other, and are very happy together, but after several months of trying to conceive Adenike starts to get desperate to have the promised son.
The movie deals with Nigerian culture and tradition, with the old world and the new world confronted, with family relationships with immigration and integration.
Adenike under pressure of some family elders, has to find a way to have the precious child everybody wants, even against her own beliefs.
I won’t spoil the movie by revealing more, you’ll have to see it.
Here is where the movie turns from traditional Nigerian culture to something more universal. It’s about what is wrong and what is right, the moral decisions that touch us as human beings.
And here is where you as a spectator start to wonder: What would I’ve done in her place? Can we judge any of the characters?
And that is the real value of this movie, provoking questions for which we don’t have easy answers. Like many good movies, it has an open ending that forces us to think how we will close that story.

Extraordinary movie, visually rich and emotionally intense.
Oh, and those gorgeous dresses! And those beautiful African women that carry them so well!
The movie was directed by Andrew Dosunmu and you MUST see it!

Mother of George

Mother of George