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Again another example of rules that go against reality.
Every now and then, we read some news about a school, workplace, institution, etc. that prohibits certain hair style because they consider it “improper”, unprofessional, or what any other excuse they come across at that time.
The news is that the US Army has a new set of rules of how African American women must wear their hair, which of course contradicts, nature. This turns at best pretty difficult – and expensive – for black women to conform to the rules.Unauthorized Hairstyle
The army of any country is not exactly the place for progressive thought, however one would think that at least a small percentage of those making the rules in the US Army are of African descent and have a good idea of the difference between Caucasian hair and African hair. Or maybe there are no black women – or men – that participate in establishing regulations of approved hair styles. Or what is even worse, their opinions are not taken into account and they are there only to fill a certain percentage reserved for minorities. Which of course in nowadays United States to call African Americans, or even more Latinos, a “minority” doesn’t apply anymore.
For me the real reason behind these kinds of rules is that still the white male is considered the “standard” and every norm is written with him in mind, that means, racism. And of course people of other racial (and gender) background have absolutely no voice.
As I said before, the Army is not an exception, but the norm.
Remember that girl that was threaten with expulsion from school for her hairstyle? Or before her, this other girl? Oh, and what about this other school? Or this one?
So, in order to follow the rules of what is considered adequate, people of African descent should straighten their hair, no matter how dangerous or ridiculous this might be, to be able to work, or educate, or in the case of the Army serve their country.
That would imply that there is something wrong in how hair grows naturally from the head of an African person. Or maybe there is something wrong with being African…
So next what? Skin bleaching?
Oh wait, that is already going on

I guess the “beauty” industry has a whole continent ahead to flatten and bleach…

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