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Meklit Hadero 
Meklit Hadero is a singer / songwriter born in Ethiopia and raised in the US, currently living in San Francisco. She’s is an amazing artist, and if you haven’t listened to her music yet, I recommend you to do so.
She has a rich, sensual voice and her work is the perfect blend of Ethiopia and America. Her commitment to art has extended to more than music, she’s a former director of the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco, and last year she founded The Arba Minch Collective, a group of artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, poets, creative writers and theater artists from the Ethiopian Diaspora living in North America. She’s dedicated to establish a cultural link between Ethiopian artists living abroad and those living in Ethiopia.
She’s now promoting her new CD “On a Day like This” with an extensive tour that will run from May to October of this year, so maybe you’ll have a chance to see her in person. She will perform on May 29th 2010 at the Bernos 4th Anniversary party in Washington DC, and on June 21st 2010 at The Triple Door in Seattle, WA.
If you want to see all her upcoming live performances, check her website.

Eight Songs On a Day like this

If you can’t catch any of her shows, you still can enjoy one of her videos in YouTube or better yet, buy her latest CD. She’s truly amazing: