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Although most people consider the number 13 to bring bad luck, for our family all our biggest and happiest events have happened on a 13th.
Another one has been added to the list.
We were supposed to have our court date on the 12th, but someone made a mistake and actually the date was the 13th!
The news is that Miguel already went in front of the adoption judge in Ethiopia, who approved the adoption, so we are now the legal parents of our new girl!
We still have to wait for the US Embassy appointment; it can take from two to six months for them prepare the documents to bring her to the country as an American citizen.
Lately the Embassy has been requiring a lot of extra documents but that doesn’t change the fact that we are the legal parents of the girl according to the Ethiopian government.
However if they don’t issue a visa/passport she can’t enter legally the US, which has already happened several times already, which puts the adoptive parents and the child in a difficult situation, in some kind of legal limbo.
I’m crossing my fingers that doesn’t happen with us, but in any case, we are prepared to fight to bring our girl home.
It’s sad because she has known for a while that we were adopting her but doesn’t fully understand the legal paths we were forced to travel, which is causing her a bit of anxiety and sadness. She sees other kids leaving the place where she’s living, her friends, but she is kept waiting and waiting, and every departure is another loss.
On this side of the ocean, my other children are also anxious and confused that her sister still can’t get home.
Let’s hope that this wait ends soon. We are ready to welcome her home.