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Half Bucket swing

Now that we got past the bad moment of seeing our court date postponed, I’m using all my energy to learn Amharic.
I switched from recognizing the alphabet to trying to get used to the sound of the language so that with a bit of luck I’ll be capable to speak a little when the children arrive. Since I still have two months ahead, better take advantage of that extra time.
The language sounds very musical to me, specially when spoken by a child.
I’m not sure if I will be able to help the children to keep their language, but at least I will try, that’s is why I need to know more. I also don’t know how much will I be able to speak by the time of the trip, but I think that maybe not much…
I couldn’t find anyone that teaches Amharic in Portland. There are some Ethiopian stores and restaurants but no one who teaches the language.
I’m planning in my visit to Ethiopia to buy everything I can find to keep learning, like books, CDS and DVDs.

Changing the subject, yesterday I received a baby swing (or that’s what I thought) I bought online to hang in the playground we have in our backyard. The problem is that is a “half bucket” swing seat and I realized that the baby girl can easily slip from the front.
So, I brought out my creativity and made a strong belt that goes between the legs so she can’t fall and that also can be easily removed so the older child can use the swing seat without the belt.
As you can see, I found things to do to mitigate the waiting…