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Lalibela, 1st group of churches
Returning to the first group of churches in Lalibela, you can see in the map above how is the general layout. Curiously, a while ago the entrance to the churches was through the trench marked with the number 1 on the upper left of the image, but nowadays that trench is used as the exit of the whole complex. You notice how close is one church to another and that they are all connected with trenches, passages, or tunnels. 
Bet Maryam 70's stampThe second church in size after Bet Medhane Alem is Bet Maryam.
Unfortunately, my interior photos don’t look so good since I was carrying too many things in my hands and couldn’t keep my camera still… Sad smile
These are the models of Bet Maryam:
Bet Maryam 3D model

Bet Maryam

And these are some of my pictures of its exterior:

Bet MaryamBet Maryam
Bet MaryamBet Maryam

I won’t describe this or the other churches of the group in detail since their symbolism escapes my knowledge, but instead I will share photos here and on the Facebook page.
One thing I can say is that the best place of this group for me, is one called tomb on Adam, just when you are leaving the complex (number 2 in the map). It’s a small room carved in the rock that symbolizes the tomb of Adam and to leave it you need to cross a sort of door/arcade that leads to a trench that takes you out of the group of churches. The door is best seen from above once you step down the rock stairs:

Tomb of Adam
At the end of the trench there are a group of huts that are not in use anymore, but that are preserved as part of the church complex.

Exit from 1st Group of churches

I’ll add more pictures of this group in my next post.

Audio slideshow: Celebrations at Lalibela’s Bet Maryam – BBC (2:38 min)