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Invisible Borders 2011

It is frequently said that what matters is the journey and not the destination. This is a perfect phrase for the Invisible Borders project. 
The idea started in 2009 in Nigeria by a group of artists and the project is currently in its third edition. 
Every year about a dozen African artists, most of them photographers, travel through different countries of the continent while taking photos, and engaging with local artists and the general public. Their mission is to reflect the reality of Africa, share knowledge and information, and create change.
I like that the project has been created by Africans for Africans, and also that they share their discoveries with the rest of the world.
This year edition will take place in Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and Ethiopia from November 2nd to December 16th.
If you’d like to follow their trip, please check their blog frequently, and enjoy their experiences and the photographs taken along the journey.

Goods Only by Emeka Okereke
Goods Only by Emeka Okereke