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Polaroid Instant Digital Camera I was checking the Invisible Borders blog that I wrote about in my previous post, and I found out that the Nigerian photographer Jumoke Sanwo came up with a project of taking pictures of people along the journey and then giving them a Polaroid image. She called it project Photo4U. What a cool idea!
I was planning on doing something similar on my next trip to Ethiopia. Last time I was there, I noticed how eager were people to see their image on the camera, and how valuable a paper photograph is for them.
A copy of their picture is a luxury that few can afford since most of them don’t even have a camera. We ferenjis however, go there and flash our fancy cameras, enter in their lives, break their privacy, and record precious moments of their existence.  Later, we show our bounty to family, friends, and the whole world through the Internet. But who are the only ones that are left empty handed? The people who posed for our pictures.
We probably don’t even know their names…
I had this idea of carrying a portable photo printer for a while; in that way I can take photographs and give a copy to the people. Probably I will only be able to print limited copies, but at least some of my subjects will keep something with them.
I’m researching printers types and prices. Something that can be powered with rechargeable batteries? Or maybe one of the new Polaroid camera/printers? Has anyone ever done something like this before?
Any ideas or suggestions?

Portable printer