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One thing I love about injera is that it is perfect to combine with lots of different foods, not only Ethiopian food.
This slightly sour bread is more adequate with strong flavored food, like spicy things.
We don’t eat spicy food at home, one reason is that my stomach can’t take it and that I’m more used to mild tasting food.
Last week when Miguel took Feromsa to have his hair cut, he bought Ethiopian food from Sengatera, the restaurant that is next door to the barbershop.
After a delicious lunch, we had a lot of leftovers of injera bread.
The next day I cooked sauerkraut with franks and pork meat and decided to try the injera with it.
Perfect combination!
It’s very simple to make and tastes delicious. I buy the sauerkraut that comes in a glass jar to avoid the metallic taste from the cans, but you can make your own at home. Then I cook the meat and when it’s ready I add the sauerkraut and the franks, cook them all together for a little while and that’s it! I don’t add spices or anything else, I like the simple and raw taste of the sauerkraut as it is. I cut the meat and franks in little pieces so it’s easy to pick them up with the injera.