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Feven’s hair has grown a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to notice since curly hair tends to shrink a lot when loose, but when you start combing it you notice how long it is.
I alternate between loose hair and more complex styles to not stress too much the hair. Feven is a little more patient now, but if I feel she’s not in the mood for having her hair done, I let her be. I don’t want to alienate her, doing her hair has to be a happy time, a time to be together, enjoy each other. She reads books while I’m styling her hair and ask questions. When she gets tired of books, she plays with the rubber bands, ribbons, beads, etc. For now her time limit is about 30 minutes, so I choose simple things I can finish in that amount of time.
I also use a lot of accessories to “renovate” styles, to make then look different from one day to the next. And besides, Feven loves to use flowers, ribbons, etc, on her hair. If you want to take a look at some of my simple creations, here are some photos:

Bows and ribbons 1 Bows and ribbons 2
Bantu knots  8 parts 1 Bantu knots 8 parts 2
T braids 1 T braids 2
Star of David corscrews 1 Star of David corscrews 2

I really don’t find it hard to care for Feven’s hair and I think she enjoys to show off her hairdos!
BTW, one of Feven’s crazy hairstyles has been featured in the Saturday Spotlight section of the Happy Girls Hair blog. Check it out and leave a comment!