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The Girl with the red Flower
I haven’t posted lately anything related to hairstyles mostly because it has turned from novelty to routine.
There are some days I want to try new things but since Feven started school I try to keep things simple. We have developed a weekly routine to keep her hair in good shape without forcing her or me to re-style or wash it every day.
We only do hair on Sundays, we wash, condition, and style keeping in mind that her hair has to stay put for the whole week with minor re-touches during school days. She’s happy and I’m happy.
Soon I’ll have to take care of another girl’s hair too and I don’t want to complicate things more.
After making the Ethiopian Barbie, I got the idea of trying the same style on Feven’s hair since it seemed simple and cute. I only made a little change and instead of leaving the back hair totally loose, I made some corkscrews because they tend to last for many days or even weeks.
The hair style is from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, I think.
I made two very thin braids on both sides of the head, just by the ears. I gathered them right in the middle, continue with just one braid to the top and join it with the hair that will form the middle cornrow.
All the cornrows on top of the head end at an imaginary line that runs just behind the ears.
The rest of the hair can be left loose or as I did clumped in several corkscrews.
To finish, I added a small flower on the forehead where the braids meet, but a bead or a hair snap can do too. 
I should say that Feven is very patient, but it helps a lot that we only do hair just once a week and that I don’t insist in making things perfect. While I style her hair, I let her watch TV or YouTube; her favorite show is Pocoyo, which she watches in Spanish or English!
I also learned two things to improve the hair style next time:
First, the front braids should be thicker so they have more “weight” and embrace better the forehead and second, if I plan to put a bead, better thread it before joining the two little braids to the upper cornrow Winking smile.
She looks cute anyway and her style was a success!

Back Flower