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Ethiopian Flag Flower 1
I’m in the middle of a sewing frenzy. I don’t know where it came from since I’ve never liked sewing before, but suddenly I felt the urge of making things with fabric.
I’ve already made quite an amount of pants for the children, and even some dresses! And now I’m experimenting with hair accessories made with fabric. My latest trend is flowers, big and small. I’m planning to sell them once I get to try different styles and combinations and perfect the technique. I specially like the Ethiopian Flag Flower and want to make more of them.

Plaid Flower Flower with Leaves
Small Ladybug Flowers
Ethiopian Flag Flower 2 Patriotic Flower 1
Patriotic Flower 2 Ethiopian Flag Flower 3

Argentinean Flag Flower

I’m very proud of some of them and they look good on Feven’s hair!

Argentinean Flag Hair accessory

Big Ethiopian flower Hair Accessory 

I’m preparing some for her to wear during our vacation so she can show her Ethiopian pride!