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Good hair

Good Hair is an HBO documentary film written, produced and stared by Chris Rock about black hair that will arrive in US theaters next fall and later to DVD.
The idea of the film started when Chris Rock’s daughter asked him why she didn’t have “good hair”. That simple question inspired Rock to inquire about the subject of black hair, the secrets, the prejudice and the high maintenance.
He interviews many African Americans, from teenager girls to celebrities, who speak about their own stories. Oils, lotions, relaxers, perms, and extensions are all part of the tradition of caring for black hair for millions of people and this is probably the first time black hair is the subject of a documentary.
The movie was shown at Sundance Film Festival in January of this year and also at Cannes in May, finally everybody will have the chance to watch it.
Here and here are two interviews to Chris Rock about his film Good Hair.
On the subject of black hair, I found this sweet picture of president Barack Obama bending over so a black boy can touch his hair and see that really “the president has the same hair as me!”.

UPDATE: The film will come to theaters next October 2009. See the trailer in YouTube.