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Before this film is retired, I encourage every prospective adoptive parent to watch “Girl, Adopted” online for free.
The film is very honest and real. It portraits very accurately how an older adopted child experience adoption and the difficulties she has to adjust to a new family.
From the initial “honeymoon” stage to the deep desire to return to her home country, the film shows it all.
This documentary is sure to bring memories to those parents who already went through an adoption.
For parents of very young children, it is probably not that accurate, yet. But time will come when these babies will become teenagers and adults and they will return to their native country and face some of the challenges the girl in the film did.
Maybe if I had watched the film before having adopted an older girl myself, I wouldn’t had been able to understand some of the situations this family goes through.
Now, however, everything feels close to home.
The film, which lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes, is available to watch for free in the US until October 29th 2013.
For those living outside this country, I recommend trying a Proxy server.
The DVD of the movie can be purchased on its website.

Girl, Adopted