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DonationsWe are almost ready for our long trip to Ethiopia.
Everything is taken care of.
Our dogs, our cats and the house will have someone who will take care of them.
Dylan’s school and Miguel’s job are properly notified, and Dylan is not very happy about the homework assignments his teacher gave him to do during the trip…
Travel itineraries are ready, plane tickets bought, guest house reservations and payment done, passports and documents ok, vaccinations and medicine to take to Africa ready too.
We have about 90% of what we are going to take ready, just a few things left, and also to prepare part of the luggage.
We spread the donations Donations(see above image) in two siutcases. The clothes got into only one thanks to plastic vacuum bags and the rest in another suitcase that we will fill with some of our stuff.
Since I don’t think I will be able to post from Ethiopia, I left the blog ready to auto-post a few articles that I wrote beforehand, so if everything works as planned for you, my readers, it will be almost as if I didn’t leave at all ;-)
I have a bunch of things prepared for us and the children for the trip. For us I’ll take movies to watch, books and snacks.
For Dylan, his Nintendo DS, books, movies and some travel games. 
For Feromsa on our way back, I downloaded on the iPod, videos and music for children in Amharic and I’m also taking coloring books, reading books, stickers and origami paper.
For Feven I prepared some baby toys that don’t make to much noise (I don’t want to be kicked out of the plane) and of course, my arms.
Mmm, what else… oh yeah, patience, lots and lots of patience, it’s going to be a very long trip.
We are flying via Amsterdam, and on our way back we will have only two planes, and we’ll enter the US through Portland, so I guess immigration is going to be easier, faster and friendlier than in other bigger cities (I love this city!) and then a short 30 min. drive and we’ll be right at home.
I’m sorry that the communications from Ethiopia are so difficult and expensive, because I won’t be able to tell my family and friends what we are experiencing, but I will try to compensate them in some other way (yes, I will bring presents)
Well, I will finish what I still have pending.
Only 6 days!