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meditation Four more days of waiting…
We had another postponement because there still were some forms missing that MOWA was supposed to send, that I suspect are there same papers that were missing a month ago.
What else can I say, I can’t do anything from here but wait until next Tuesday November 11th and keep my fingers crossed that this time everything is in order.
In the meantime, I prepared a list of things to do these days while I wait:
1. Take a looooooooooong walk under the rain (that one’s easy here) to free all the accumulated stress and “cool” my head.
2. Rake thousands of leaves that fell these days to free more stress and burn some calories.
3. Drink a good cup of a relaxing tea, like Tension Tamer, while listening Emerald Forest on my iPod.
4. Take a warm bath with some Epsom salts and some drops of Lavender essential oils.
5. Spend the weekend in pajamas reading a good book.
6. Make an appointment for a massage before Tuesday.