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 Flying-8 loom
As I wrote in a previous post, I’m researching and learning about hand weaving.
Though the basic process behind weaving is quite simple, it can take a while to produce a large piece of fabric by hand. You can also create very intricate and original designs, depending on the loom you use and your skill level.
What I’m doing right now is very basic; with a very small table loom I’m trying to reproduce the look of Ethiopian cotton clothes.
I’m only working with simple patterns and the final piece won’t be wider than 10 inches, only big enough to make a doll dress.
While I was researching about weaving, I found the page of Andreas Möller, a German weaver who developed the FLYING-8 loom. He not also created a very original loom, but also teaches how to build and use one without the need of special tools or hardware, or even electricity!
One of the places where his idea is perfect for is Ethiopia. He trained several students on his technique, and one of them, Esmael Jemal, has founded his own studio in Bahir Dar, From the Hands of Ethiopia, where he weaves and sells towels and trains new weavers.
Möller continues to teach weavers in Europe (mostly in Germany) and here you can find a list of upcoming workshops for 2013.
Although this new loom is starting to be used in Ethiopia, still most of the weavers of that country use traditional Ethiopian looms.
It’s incredible the things I discover every time I start learning something new!

Flying-8 loom in Ethiopia

Andreas Möller’s website