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First baby tooth out - May 2011
”A tooth fell out and left a space,
So big my tongue could touch my face
And every time I smile I show,
A space where something used to grow,
I miss my tooth as you can guess.
But then, I have to BRUSH ONE LESS! “
Tooth Fairy Poem – Anonymous

My favorite blogger in Ethiopia, Kaktus from Tarike, posted a funny story about what Ethiopian children do when they loose a baby tooth.
In Ethiopia there is not a tooth fairy or a ratoncito Perez but a special bird that when you throw your baby tooth on a roof will fly to pick it up and in return will give you a brand new shining tooth! For this to happen you also need to sing him a little song asking for your new tooth.
Throw Your Tooth on the RoofThere is a beautiful book about tooth traditions from around the world, Throw your tooth on the roof by Selby B. Beeler that even though it doesn’t have Ethiopia on the list, has other countries from Africa with a similar tradition, like Cameroon, Botswana, Benin, and Mauritania.
There are also other countries outside the African continent where children throw their teeth on the roof, like Greece, Georgia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.  So you can say that the tooth on the roof tradition is very well “rooted” Winking smile

BTW, Feromsa lost his first baby tooth in May, and the Tooth Bird already brought him a new one!

Baby Teeth Traditions from Around the World