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Film Africa 2011

The Festival Film Africa 2011 is coming soon to London, UK. From November 3rd to November 13th, it will be 10 days of quality films from Africa with a focus on African women filmmakers. Also twenty filmmakers and actors will attend the festival and there will be live performances of musicians and DJs.
I want to highlight that there will be several films coming from Ethiopia:
Square Stories, a triptych video installation about Meskel Square will be screened on Nov 5th.
Lezare, the beautiful short film I reviewed a while ago, will be on Nov 7th.
Nothing but the Sea, a documentary film about the illegal immigrants in the island of Lampedusa seen through the eyes of Ethiopian filmmaker Dagmawi Yimer, on Nov 9th.
The Athlete, a cross between fiction and documentary about the life of Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe Bikila will be shown on Nov 7th and Nov 10th.
Deluge, a documentary by Salem Mekuria about the Ethiopian student movement of the 1970s and the military dictatorship, will be on Nov 10.
Twilight Revelations will be screened along with the previous one, and is a documentary about emperor Haile Selassie.

Nothing but the sea

Besides these Ethiopian films, there will be also a good amount of African films worth watching, like The Dreams of Elibidi a film from Kenya, My Brown Baby from Ghana, or The Place in Between from Burkina Faso.