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Festival Cinema Africano - ItalyI know there are a lot of people that follow this blog from Europe, so I wanted to mention an event that will take place next week in Italy. In the city of Milan, the 20th Festival of African Cinema will run from March 15th to March 21st.
There is a long list of films, not only from Africa but also from Latin America and Asia.
From Ethiopia two films will be shown: Sankofa, the 1993 classic film by Haile Gerima; and the new documentary film by Ethiopian born director Dagmawi Yimer, C.A.R.A. Italia.
This last film narrates the story of two young men refugees from Somalia that lived in a center for asylum seekers in Italy while they waited for their legal papers as refugees, and then when they got them they suffered the frustration of not getting a place to live or nothing to eat in the new land.
Dagmawi Yimer also arrived as a refugee in Italy not so long ago, after escaping political persecution in Ethiopia. He’s the author of several films, among them, Like a Man on Earth.

C.A.R.A. ItaliaC.A.R.A. Italia