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Father Christmas doesn't come here
Christmas is gone, but before we forget about it, I wanted to mention a short film directed by Bheki Sibiya from South Africa that is called Father Christmas doesn’t come here.
Most of us have already seen the video from Sesame Street about an African American girl who loves her hair, but I bet that not many have seen this South African short film of a girl who asks Santa for long straight hair.
This beautiful film narrates the story of a girl, Siphokazi, who dreams of having long straight hair as her mother.
In the heat of Africa, she keeps dreaming of a place called North Pole where snow falls and everything is possible, Santa can make any dream come true. But does Santa speak Zulu?
Her innocence is shattered, there is no Santa, no Christmas where she lives, and no possibility of reaching the goal of having straight hair. She takes drastic measures to become what she thinks is “beautiful” .
I don’t want to tell the whole story, please watch the short film. It is just 14 minutes long.
Even when the film has a happy ending of loving ourselves no matter how we look, it does a good job of reminding us about the damage white world beauty standards causes on girls.
The best thing this film has, is that we can truly identify with that little girl.

The film was showcased in the US during the Tribeca Film Festival 2010

"Father Christmas doesn’t come here" wins Best Narrative Short at Tribeca