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I wanted to write a short post to promote the beautiful calendars that the Asociacion Tena has made in Spain to collect money for their projects in Ethiopia.
These 2011 calendars have beautiful pictures taken in Ethiopia and even when they display the western calendar, it’s very special because the days of the week and the months are written both in Spanish and Amharic.
I have made a small contribution to them by transliterating the Spanish names of days and months for them to the Amharic alphabet.
If you want to count the days of next year while looking at beautiful pictures from Ethiopia and at the same time make a small contribution to the Asociacion Tena’s cause, please buy these calendars. If you speak Spanish and love Ethiopia, these are perfect, specially if you live in Spain. If you don’t speak the language, it’s a chance to learn something new and anyway you can still count the days and months Winking smile.


Asociacion Tena Calendar

Happy New Year!