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Feromsa at the beach
Tired of playing in the water. Tired of playing in the park, the beach, the river. Tired of video games, TV, computer, Legos, dolls. Tired of the heat of the summer and the lack of rain.
Yes, it’s the end of the summer and my children don’t know what else to do to keep themselves entertained. They have resorted to fight with each other over the most silly things…, and to get in trouble, of course.
I’m glad summer is coming to an end and school is just a week ahead.
Big changes are coming.
Feven will start preschool for the first time alone and I think it’s going to be a bit hard for her.
Feromsa will start 1st grade. Although we think he’s not ready, the teachers decided to promote him and will provide some help, we’ll see how it goes…
Dylan starts 7th grade and is no longer afraid of Middle school challenges, but he needs to work harder this year.
And our new daughter… well, still in Ethiopia, waiting.
I will recover some personal space, something I crave. It won’t be much, but at least I’ll have some morning hours just to myself.
I have some things to finish before the rain starts: for example to complete a new pond I’m building next to my old one.
The children have been digging for small earthworms to feed the fish and that proved a big boost in their growth and extra entertainment for the kids, but now they are so big that they need extra space! Also my water lilies need some room to expand, and I want to add a small water fall between the two ponds.

Water Lily in my Pond
My garden this summer

I’m looking forward to fall to catch up with some of my projects that were left aside due to the extremely busy summer.
And I kind of miss the rain…