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Hisab by Ezra Wube
I found online a beautiful Ethiopian animated short film called “Hisab” (bill) that narrates the classic Ethiopian folk tale “The dog, the goat, and the donkey”. It’s a stop motion film made by painting on a single surface canvas. The author is Ezra Wube, an Ethiopian artist living in the US. You can watch more of his films here.
Hisab is currently been shown at the Festival Film Africa in London, UK, or you can watch it for free online on YouTube. Oh, and watch a video of how he works.
Here is the original tale:

“Why do goats run from cars? Why do dogs chase cars? Why do donkeys block the roads?
(text from Ethiopian folktales website)
Once there was a dog, a goat and a donkey who wanted to travel to another country. So they got on the bus. The dog had ten birr (the main unit of currency in Ethiopia). The donkey had five birr, but the goat had no money. The bus ticket cost five birr. But when the dog gave ten birr to the conductor, he didn’t get any change. Because the goat had no money, she tried to hide herself in the bus. But the donkey paid his five birr. When the bus arrived at its destination they all got off. The dog always runs after the bus shouting, “Give me my five birr! My five birr!” The goat runs away from the bus, saying, “The conductor will ask me for my money.” But the donkey doesn’t move. He’s already paid his five birr and he feels quite safe and happy.”

An here is the amazing animation which perfectly captures the city of Addis Ababa:

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