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The movie Daratt / Dry Season, deals with the consequences of civil war, in this case in the country of Chad in Africa but very well the story could be translated to many other places in the world. 
In the case of Daratt, the young Atim travels to seek revenge from the murder of his father, to kill the man that made him an orphan. But it is not so easy to carry such a task and in a way it will become for him a journey of self discovery.
Again, like in Dreams of Dust, the story moves slowly with plenty of pauses to think.
The dry and dusty landscape with its ochre tones sets the perfect background for the rough story. Anger, frustration, and hardship are part of the everyday life of the characters where every little thing can only be reached through pain and sweat.
Life is hard in Chad as it is in every corner of Africa and sometimes the only reward you get after a full day of work is just a piece of bread.
But that bread can taste delicious in a place short of comforts and love, specially if it’s the product of your own labor.
The movie shows a different setting that any place in the opulent western world; dirty streets full of garbage, precarious houses, kids begging for food and submissive women enduring abuse.
I liked the movie, not as much as Dreams of Dust, but it truly reflects a reality so African, a story that keeps repeating time after time. Many generations of Africans are the product of hate and war, of hunger and death, navigating a sea of hopelessness. Sad but real.

Here is the trailer of this movie that was directed by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun in 2006 and that won many awards at the Venice Fim Festival among others: