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Mocha Ethiopian Dance Group LogoI don’t remember how and when I ended up on the website of an Ethiopian dance group, but it was quite a discovery.
This group formed by non professionals, dances and participates in different events related with Ethiopian and African culture, and the most coolest thing about them is that they are from Japan!
I never expected to watch middle aged Japanese ladies dancing to the rhythm of Ethiopian music and doing it quite well.
They irradiate a happiness, harmony and enjoyment that makes watching them truly a pleasure. You feel like wanting to join them!
Mocha Ethiopian Dance Group

Mocha Ethiopian Dance Group

Their name is Mocha Ethiopian Dance Group and are based in Tokyo, Japan. They perform in public events and you can take Ethiopian dance classes with them at the Ethiopian embassy in that country. 
If you can’t participate in the classes or performances, you can still watch them online or browse their web site in English or Japanese.
Aren’t they cool?

Mocha Dance Group

Happy Dancing!